Buy Bufo Bufo Toad Venom Online

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Bufonidae
Genus: Bufo
Species: B. bufo

Quality : 100% pure venom. Certificate of Analysis (HPLC) supplied on request for 35$.
Traceability : Guaranteed origin, assessed by Certificate of Origin (available on demand).
Packaging : Sealed pharmaceutical grade glass vials.
Specifications : Laboratory and Research Grade.
Delivery: 100% Discreet

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Buy Bufo Bufo Toad Venom Online

The common toad, European toad, or in Anglophone parts of Europe, simply the toad (Bufo bufo, from Latin bufo “toad”), is an amphibian found throughout most of Europe. Exceptions include Ireland, Iceland, and some Mediterranean islands), in the western part of North Asia, and in a small portion of Northwest Africa. It is one of a group of closely related animals that are descended from a common ancestral line of toads and which form a species complex

The main toxic substance found in the parotoid gland and skin of the common toad is called bufotoxin. It was first isolated by Heinrich Wieland and his colleagues in 1922 and they succeeded in identifying its structure about 20 years later. Meanwhile, other workers succeeded in isolating the same compound and its parent steroid bufotalin from the Japanese toad (Bufo japonicus).

Buy Bufo Bufo Toad Venom Online

By 1986, researchers at the Arizona State University had succeeded in synthesizing the toad venom constituents bufotalin, bufalitoxin and bufotoxin. The chemical formula of bufotoxin is C40H60N4O10. Its physical effects resemble those of digitalis which in small doses increases the strength with which the heart muscle contracts. Thus, which is used in the treatment of congestive heart failure. The skin of one toad contains enough toxin to cause serious symptoms or even death in animals, including humans.

More so, Clinical effects include severe irritation and pain to eyes, mouth, nose and throat, cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms. Inaddition,  paralysis and seizures, increased salivation, vomiting, hyperkalemia, cyanosis and hallucinations. Hence, there is no known anti-venom. However, treatment consists of supporting respiratory and cardiovascular functions, prevention of absorption and electrocardiography to monitor the condition. Atropine, phenytoin, cholestyramine and lidocaine may prove useful in its management.

Buy Bufo Bufo Toad Venom Online


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