Buy Desert Death Adder (Acanthophis Pyrrhus) Venom

Scientific name: Acanthophis pyrrhus
Rank: Species
Higher classification: Acanthophis
Order: Squamata
Kingdom: Animalia
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Specifications : Laboratory and Research Grade.
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Buy Desert Death Adder (Acanthophis Pyrrhus) Venom

The desert death adder occurs from the coast of Western Australia, to central regions as far south as Kalgoorlie and into the Northern Territory. The related species, the common or southern death adder, now finds in a different range.

Desert death adders finds in living in remote areas, amongst porcupine grass, stony flats, sandy ridges and rocky outcrops of Central and Western Australia. In southwest Australia they occur in hummock grass in mallee

Desert death adders have large fangs, and their glands produce a considerable quantity of toxic venom. However today, it rarely is the cause of snake bites in Australia. They regards as very dangerous. The venom is most significantly neurotoxin, which once has a 50% mortality rate.

Desert death adders mate during spring or early summer, with the babies being produce in late summer or early autumn. Unlike most other snakes, desert death adders give birth to live young. Up to 13 live young may produce in each litter.

Thus, buy Desert Death Adder (Acanthophis Pyrrhus) Venom



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