Buy Russell Viper (DABOIA RUSSELII) Venom

Scientific name: Daboia russelii
Rank: Species
Higher classification: Daboia
Family: Viperidae
Class: Reptilia
Phylum: Chordata

Quality : 100% pure venom. Certificate of Analysis (HPLC) supplied on request for 35$.
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Packaging : Sealed pharmaceutical grade glass vials.
Specifications : Laboratory and Research Grade.
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Buy Russell Viper (DABOIA RUSSELII) Venom

Russell’s viper (Daboia russelii) is a species of venomous snake in the family Viperidae of venomous Old World vipers. We can find it in Asia throughout the Indian subcontinent, much of Southeast Asia, southern China and Taiwan. The species is named for Patrick Russell (1726–1805), a Scottish herpetologist who first described many of India’s snakes, and the name of the genus is from the Hindi word meaning “that lies hid”, or “the lurker”.

Buy Russell Viper (DABOIA RUSSELII) Venom

In Bengali they call it chandroborha since it carries lenticular or more precisely lunar marks all over its body. Apart from being a member of the big four snakes in India, Daboia is also one of the genera responsible for causing the most snakebite incidents and deaths among all venomous snakes on account of many factors, such as their wide distribution, generally aggressive demeanor, and frequent occurrence in highly populated areas.

Hence. the quantity of venom produced by individual specimens of D. russelii is considerable. Reported venom yields for adult specimens range from 130–250 mg to 150–250 mg to 21–268 mg. For 13 juveniles with an average total length of 79 cm (31 in), the average venom yield was 8–79 mg (mean 45 mg).

Thus, buy Russell Viper (DABOIA RUSSELII) Venom


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